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Update to OnePractice Mail

This morning we released a bugfix update to OnePractice Mail, making it version 6.5.2.

Here are the reelase notes:

  1. Bug 7833: Reconfigured backend to comply with Microsoft new SharePoint Client Libraries including ability to handle paths with % and #

  2. A few minor bug fixes

  3. Bug 8007: Mail templates not loading client attachments file bytes

  4. Bug 8008: Mail templates not loading client files for clients with special chars in names

  5. Bug 8009: Mail templates not maintaining client name in dropdown after selecting “Attach client files”

  6. Bug 7768: Saving Drafts issue with some accounts

  7. Minor UI fixes

  8. Bug 8010: Mail – opening metadata stretches screen

These updates are part of our continuing process to update our applications based on customer feedback

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