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Business Premium Vs Enterprise 3 – What’s right for me?

Well I don’t know about you, but when I look at the different Office 365 packages online and try to compare them, all I see is a great long list of features. And by the time I’ve read all of one and move onto the next, I’ve forgotten whether that was available in the first package arghh! There are clearly many differences between Office 365 Business Premium and Enterprise 3 (E3), and don’t get me wrong they’re both great, but what will be best for your business? To help with this decision, let me call out some key features in E3 that you soon may realise your business can’t live without. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) With it only being a few weeks ago that the mandatory Notifiable Data Breach (

HubOne is excited to announce their rebrand!

Why did you decide to rebrand? We decided to rebrand to demonstrate that we have evolved from a solely technology focused company, to one that also strongly focuses on its relationships. Not only will our logo and materials have a new look and feel, but over the course of the year, our apps will also receive a makeover. How will this affect your customers? We're hoping our customers will notice a cultural shift in HubOne and as a result receive better service alongside a better product offering, especially when the apps are updated. The user interface will be fresh, modern and improve the user experience. So how did you come up with the new look and feel? We wanted a clear, clean, simplistic

How Mature is your Accounting Practice?

A lot is written about how your accounting practice can be the best in the world, what metrics you should be chasing and the best things you need to be doing. In my mind, the reason for this is that there is very little guidance given to small and medium businesses on exactly how to run a business. The reason for this, is that working out proper processes and maturity models is tricky and can be extremely expensive. That's not to say that these models cannot be amazingly beneficial; quite the contrary, however there are little resources and time available to invest in such a thing. Large service businesses have the option of engaging management consulting firms to help them develop a maturit