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HubOne is excited to announce their rebrand!

Why did you decide to rebrand?

We decided to rebrand to demonstrate that we have evolved from a solely technology focused company, to one that also strongly focuses on its relationships.

Not only will our logo and materials have a new look and feel, but over the course of the year, our apps will also receive a makeover.

How will this affect your customers?

We're hoping our customers will notice a cultural shift in HubOne and as a result receive better service alongside a better product offering, especially when the apps are updated. The user interface will be fresh, modern and improve the user experience.

So how did you come up with the new look and feel?

We wanted a clear, clean, simplistic look and one that represents our values and goals. We started by thinking about who we are, what we stand for and what's most important to us.

We believe Accountants share the same values and goals.

Looking at our previous branding and product design, the family, warm and easy feel was simply not coming across.

Why does HubOne exist and why Accountants?

HubOne was built on the foundations and belief that Accountants are the back bone of the country. They help to serve the largest majority of the Australian and New Zealand market, small to medium businesses. So with that, it is our mission to help this industry thrive, and through helping them we believe we can help make a difference across the entire country.

What are you trying to tell customers with this rebrand?

If they could take one thing away from this, I'd like it to be that HubOne wants to give them (Accountants) more than just technology. We want to provide them with simplicity, a platform they can trust, apps that they know and love, precious time back in their lives and the ability to grow and flourish, all in one place.

How does this all fit in with your products?

Well, our core solution, OnePractice, was designed so Accountants can simplify workload, automate and streamline processes and save time. The Practice Manager or Owner can then be assured their firm is running effectively and efficiently so they can focus on growing the business.

What can we expect from HubOne moving forward?

You should look forward to all the great developments that will emerge with the customer being at the heart of the company. Most importantly, we aim to reach more accounting firms across Australia and New Zealand to help them grow to their full potential.

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