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OnePractice Templates

Create documents with ease
Creating documents is often time-consuming and fraught with errors. Systems that use templates are also commonly difficult to use meaning staff revert to editing of existing documents. 
OnePractice Templates™ allows one click creation of documents and spreadsheets using live data from your practice management system and real time using a simple set of prompts.

Reduce Errors

Automating the creation of documents by using data from your practice management tool or CRM, and displaying pre-set fields for additional information, means you can use this template solution to produce documents and spreadsheets in 3 simple steps without error.


  1. Choose your template

  2. Select the client

  3. Enter additional information and save!


Creating documents has never been easier!


Using templates ensure all your documents are consistent and accurate and ensure you never accidentally send a document with another clients name in it!

Easily Create Templates

Traditionally, creating templates is difficult and time-consuming. With HubOne's Template Manager, this is a thing of the past. Our advanced field creator allows you to rapidly create the exact field you need, which can then simply be copied and pasted into your document (word, excel, ppt). Those fields can also pull in information directly from your practice management tools or CRM.

Jobs, Spreadsheets & More

Template Manager doesn't stop at creating word documents based on client information; it allows the comprehensive use of custom fields, will allow the creation of templates from job information and will also create spreadsheets.


Template Manager also saves files to specific folders, completes metadata and can include additional field codes.


In fact, if you add numeric fields, you can perform searches and calculations on the data within your documents. Check out our videos to see more.

How to create a document with Templates
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