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Calling all Entrepreneurs

I've lost count of the number of entrepreneurs who have asked me for technical help with their startup. I've had everyone from people who were going to disrupt the Internet to people who were going to create the next Yoga Uber. The key thing with all of them that's similar is they have no-one technical in the business. Technology surrounds us today - you're using it to read this blog, but there are a ton of things a technical co-founder considers that the rest miss. In order to help everyone who asks, I've put together a checklist of technology items to consider when planning or running your startup. It's free, so enjoy! You can grab it here.

Microsoft Office Online Tips and Tricks

In this video, the HubOne team introduce Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint Online. Available as part of Office 365, these tools allow you quick access to your documents, presentations and spreadsheets and give you the ability to easily collaborate and share content.

Tech tip of the day

This morning on the ferry ride to work,  I suddenly thought of a good idea for a project we're working on. Knowing how busy the next few hours are going to be, I was sure I'd forget it. Nevermind, Microsoft Flow to the rescue. Using the flow app on my phone I quickly created a button that when pressed asks for my idea and immediately posted it to our management system,  Visual Studio. Flow is an awesome new platform from Microsoft for automating your business. Later today I'll post exactly how to do this, suffice to say its very cool.