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What makes a great Client Portal?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Accountants Technology Showcase Australia (ATSA) in Sydney. Across the two days, it was apparent that there is a huge focus for the ability to collaborate greater with clients and improve communication by introducing client portals. With 38% of firms still without portals, according to the Good, Bad, Ugly report 2017*, choosing a platform that ticks every box is more important than ever. So, what makes a great client portal? Sharing files securely Security is hot topic right now, especially with the amount of data breaches surfacing recently. You need find a reputable platform that allows you to lock down your files and control user access at all lev

OnePractice October Updates

We're excited to announce the release of OnePractice version 4.6.2, aimed to provide a better end user experience with greater functionality and the ability handle the new SharePoint features. Template Manager New features Enhanced performance and reduced reload times – great for clients that have more than 2000 of their own clients Updates to handle new SharePoint features Ability to use multiple template manager instances in multiple document centers in the same browser Change skin in settings Either “OnePractice” (default) or “ConnectedPractice” (only to be used for CA Kairos customers) OP_AllowAmpersands - Historically SharePoint did not allow ampersands ('&') in URLS so ampersands in cl