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Managing your MYOB files as you move to the cloud

As we move to the Modern Practice one of the major issues many accountants ask me is what do we do with our old programs. At HubOne we are able to host most programs like HandiTax, BGL Simple fund and CAS on a server in the cloud, which gives you cloud like functionality i.e. access from anywhere on any device; all you need is a Remote desktop access. (I’ll be writing an article on this soon).


But what do we do with our MYOB programs and more importantly Client Data files?

We have found trying to run MYOB files on a terminal server has systemic and performance issues, such as access speed and locked files. We suggest that you manage this as before, by having a copy of the Partner resource disk available to your team. From here they can load the version they need on their own computer. They normally only need the latest version. Our Sister company Hansens Accountants uses Windows Intune to manage and deploy all of their internal programs including all versions of MYOB. All team members are able to login and download what they need, when they need it, even when out of the office!

Client data files pose a bigger problem. The questions we need to ask ourselves are:

  • How long do we need to keep them for?

  • Why do we have to keep them?

  • Should we even keep them at all?

Looking at the Hansens directory we found over 1000 gigabytes of client files. Why? Well before we did not print out the GL we kept the file and would refer back to it for our work papers. If the client lost their data file or did not back it up, we could always refer back in the event of an ATO Audit or any other investigation;

we probably should charge extra for this service but no one does.

1000 Gigabytes of data – how much is that costing us???

Going forward our recommended solution is:

  • Manage your MYOB program files with Intune

  • Review your clients data file, process the year-end movements and import data/journals into your Xero Ledger.

  • Prepare all your journals and work papers etc. using Xero Work papers

  • Add a copy of the GL excluding bank transaction to a PDF and save to Work papers

  • Prepare your financials and reports in Xero and report Packs.

  • Once complete – delete the clients data file.

  • If you plan to keep it think about the cost and perhaps charge a fee for this service.


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