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What's New: OnePractice Updates

This month we're proud to announce some pretty big updates. Not only have we add new features to all of the apps, but as we mentioned in our rebrand post, the apps would be receiving a new look too, and here's your first installment.

First, let's look at some of the new features across the app suite.

Client Search & Selection

For some customers with never-ending client lists, it was hard to select clients within the apps. Previously, you had to type the first letter in their name and scroll from there. And in some cases, where you may have 'The' at the beginning of most of theirs names - you could be there a while.

So now we've introduced the client search bar. Making it even quicker to find and select a client/s.

Start by typing 3 characters and a list will appear, showing all clients that contain those characters.

OnePractice Templates Search Bar

Process up to 20 Scans

Users now have the ability to increase or decrease the number of scanned documents in the popup window from 6 (default) in Settings, under PDF Processing Mode.

Delete Scanned Documents

Scan something by mistake? Simply hit the delete button and it will go to your Recycle Bin.

And now, for the big release...(drum roll)...

The New OnePractice Templates

It's the same app you know and love, but with a design that make it quicker and easier to create documents for multiple clients. Plus, we've added the ability to...

Create Folders

Imagine you're creating a document and want to save it to a particular folder. You've gone through the process of picking the template, selecting the client but then you load subfolders and realise the folder you want is not there - uh oh! Well, not to worry, you can now create folders and subfolders within Templates.

Coming soon to the other apps.


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