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A Network, not a not-work

One of the most common comments I get when talking to people about moving to the cloud is "what about the network". Today I'm delighted to announce our formal release of Connectivity as a Service, powered by Verizon.


This brand new and unique service is designed for professional small and medium enterprises who need a truly great network, designed for cloud thats always-on and really secure.

Over the last several months, the HubOne team and I have been working hand in hand with a crack team at Verizon, designing a new data and voice service for businesses in our region.

Built with Australian Financial Service firms in mind, we've thought of all the key aspects that would make a perfect network for the cloud and here are a few of them:

Highly Reliable - We put in two network connections rather than one, ensuring you have access to your key cloud applications even when the Internet is down.

Awesome Security - The folks who put together this offering do this for banks and government. Your data will be secure all the way to its secure home in the cloud.

Next generation billing - This is billed like the cloud, as a price per user per month, with no up-front billing and no-hidden costs.

Want to find out more? Read more here

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