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Get OnePractice FREE for the 1st Month

Extended special offer! Ends 30th June 2018
Arrange a demo with a HubOne IT partner and purchase OnePractice licences by June 30th 2018 to receive your first month FREE for your entire practice!*

*Special Offer Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is only available for new customers until 30th June 2018.

  • This offer covers the cost of the OnePractice software (Templates, Mail, Mail Templates and Scans) for the first month ONLY.

  • OnePractice software licences must be purchased through one of the below HubOne IT Partners:

    • TechPath

    • ONGC Systems​

    • Technology for Accountants

    • X Integration

    • DSC-IT

    • Nexus

  • If you have not contacted HubOne directly to arrange a demo prior to purchasing, please check with the HubOne ​IT Partner that you are eligible. 

  • The offer does not cover the cost to implement the software, data migration and support. Speak to your chosen partner  ​for more information.

  • The offer also does not cover any bundles, additional solutions or hardware the partner may provide. 

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