A cloud Document Management solution designed by & for Accountants
Unlock the potential in your accounting firm by using a collection of powerful apps that save time and money through automation. 

OnePractice leverages the Microsoft Office 365 platform, and enhances it's capabilities with accounting-specific apps.


What's more, you can integrate your practice management software into the apps, allowing your systems to work in harmony, with the help of our network of trusted partners.


Create documents with ease


Creating documents is often time-consuming. So you find yourself reusing and editing existing documents trying to speed up the process, but soon realise it only opens the door to errors.


OnePractice Templates™ allows easy creation of documents and spreadsheets using live data from within your practice management system or in real-time using a simple set of prompts.


Our seamless integration with your practice management system means you no longer have to go from system to system collating information. It's all at your fingertips. 

Mail & Mail Templates

Rapidly save, file and create emails


One of the most painful things is to record emails and attachments sent by a client.


OnePractice Mail™ allows you to file emails against a client with a single click, into your Document Center. It's also flexible enough to allow you to choose folders and metadata and extract attachments.


What's more, you can create emails using Mail Templates so you no longer have to write the same emails over and over again. 


Auto-file documents in seconds

Physical correspondence. It's a nightmare. It clutters your office, important documents can get misfiled and scanning and filing takes far too long. 


With OnePractice Scans™, your documents can be instantly converted to searchable PDF files and read. Then using built-in sophisticated matching tools, it automatically identifies the client and files the document in your SharePoint Document Center.


Receiving physical documents is no longer a nightmare.

Practice Management Integration

The OnePractice™ apps are designed to integrate with common practice management systems and CRMs, making it even easier to create, file and find client documents and emails.

Migrating Your Files

The easiest move to the cloud

It's important you have one source of truth for all documentation. So as you move your document management system from your on-premise server to the Cloud, your historical files must also come too.


Talk to one of our trusted partners today. They can help ensure your data is moved quickly and securely to the cloud.


See OnePractice in action and learn about how it can transform your business.


Visit our help center to learn more about how to use the apps in your business.


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