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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

The Future of Accounting

Until very recently, Artificial Intelligence has been in the domain of universities where researchers grappled with the complexities of computers understanding the real world and interacting with it effectively.


Whilst making steady progress, and robotics being used heavily in manufacturing, it's apparent that Artificial Intelligence has now hit the mainstream.


Almost everyone has an AI in their pocket, in the form of Siri or Cortana, and these tools are being used more and more in business.


Previously, AI was unattainable to all but the most qualified individuals. However, like most technology, democratisation means you can now easily use AI and Machine learning to assist your business today.

By leveraging Microsoft Cognitive Services, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps, HubOne can help your business take advantage of a revolution in artificial intelligence.

Watch the AI and Machine Learning webinar, then try our very own bot, built during the Accountants Big Day Out conference 2017.

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