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"I clicked with HubOne from the start because they are responsive, helpful and reduce our stress by fixing problems quickly and efficiently and maintain our network so that we have fewer issues. HubOne is a professional company who are committed to providing excellent technical support and incredibly good customer service. I haven't found this from many other providers."

Alexandra Potter

Executive Assistant, Bentleys Chartered Accountants

"Since attending the HubOne webinar on Automating Your Practice, we began using Microsoft Flow within 24 hours and had automated our administration process within the week!


We are also now using Sharepoint track and follow up meeting action items, Flow to send action reminders to attendees and PowerBI to visualise project progress.


HubOne (Nick) has always been happy to openly share ideas and where possible show people how to help themselves with existing technology that is readily available and easy to implement. This webinar is a perfect example of such."

Fergus Roughley

Director, Spry Roughley Chartered Accountants

"We believe that if a document is created more than twice and can be templated, it will be. We use OnePractice Templates to make document creation more efficient and save up to 80% of our time."

Natasha Amanatidis

Office Manager, SEIVA Business, Tax and Wealth Advisors

Office 365 Search Update

This morning we released a bugfix update to OnePractice Mail, making it version 6.5.2.

Here are the reelase notes:

  1. Bug 7833: Reconfigured backend to...

Update to OnePractice Mail

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